A Live Action Role-playing game (or LARP) is a cross between playing a D20 (20 sided die) table-top game, improvisational acting and reading your favorite book. There are numerous games being played throughout the country, different rules, different settings, different costumes, but all the same idea. You create your own character, design your own costume, make your own weapon, collect what adventuring gear you need, and enter the game. Settings range from Medieval/Fantasy (like The Age of Heroes) to Post Apocalyptic.

In most D20 type and computer role-playing games your actions are determined by the outcome of a certain roll or what level your character is. In a LARP many of the outcomes are determined by your own abilities. As with live improvisational acting, there is a basic story line for you to follow but the outcome is based primarily on the actions of your character. Just as in real life, you will have friends and opponents that you have to interact with. What you do and where you take the story is up to you. You have the freedom to create and participate in the wildest adventures that you can conceive.





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