The Age of Heroes Fighters' Guild

I am very excited, we are working with a local swordsmanship instructor from the
Lake Ontario Fechtschule
that is going to be offering training to members!
I will need to know who is interested...


Let's start thinking about the Spring...
Who is interested in a meeting. We are looking for medieval musicians, SFX and make-up people,
people that can provide actual weapon training, costumers as well as actors and event planners.
We will be staging workshops for costume making, weapon making, armor making and
We are always looking for people to get involved!


We are now a Calimacil LARP Partner! You can check out their technical data here.
They make a wide variety of weapons that are designed with safety in mind.


We are searching for an insurance agent that can offer a good deal on event insurance for
The Age of Heroes. If you know of an agent that is local to Northern New York,
please send me their contact information.


Check out the article in the Watertown Daily Times about The Age of Heroes:
A Live Action Role-Playing Game...
Click here to see the article: Game creator looking for 'Heroes'


We now have a real estate agent looking for a site for us to hold events. As soon as we have a location it is game on! I would like to have people plugged into the key roles before the first event.


We have also released the The Age of Heroes Player's Handbook 2010 Edition.
E -mail me to request a copy.



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